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Does your mouse pad look like this :


Personnalised creation by dklic and magnus two friends of mine out from  active worlds who decided to add their contribution to my collection with their usual sense of humour and good mood.

Thanks to theim both.


If the answer is yes, please enter this site and you will see that this ordinary thing can be much more than a good looking tool.


If the answer is no, well, come in anyway, it can't hurt. 




Le Rendez-Vous des Collectionneurs

Des milliers de collectionneurs sur Collection du Monde qui vous offre plus de 200 rubriques dont une pour votre collection

Comments & suggestions

Now available on this site information about french suppliers for mouse pads.

Unfortunately, at the moment, this page only exists in french.

If any foreign supplier want to join, please e-mail and send me your price lists, URL, and samples.

Any way, you can still e-mail to me to blame or congratulate, telling me what's wrong or right, and if you have any interesting mouse pads, get in touch for offers.




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You can also join me for a Visio conference via NET MEETING. 

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